• Supporting education, innovation and implementation

    Clean air, water, and energy! We educate, We advocate and We facilitate access to innovative sustainable tech to solve these problems globally.


    We are a collaborative charity uniting hygiene technology with communities in need of sustainable clean water, air and energy systems.


    Our Programs

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    Air quality is challenging to tackle but not impossible. In communities where air pollution is rampant, we can work on improving air quality in spaces our youths spend most of their years and are susceptible to seasonal diseases, in schools.


    We have partnered with innovative technology providers who can install plug-and-play air purifiers in classrooms. If you would like to work with a school, connect with us and we will do our best to make it happen.


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    Hygiene Education for Community Leaders

    The fastest way to make an impact is to empower community leaders by educating them on the solutions available to tackle cleaner water, air, and energy.


    We partner with innovative companies to connect and facilitate virtual learning. We also host question-and-answer sessions to help get the best technology a community needs.

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    Technology Exchange

    Is there a technology out there you believe could help your community with cleaner air, water, and energy?


    Do you have a patent that could help solve any or all of our key focus areas?


    We would like to hear about it and match your solution to the right community that needs it.

  • “With the support of KICG, we have been able to trial patented technology to provide cleaner stored water in our community”

    — Bababode Akindele, Fairfields, Iju Hills

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